Mar. 18th, 2011

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Finals week next week.  Hate.

Ravage was the proud recipient of a bath last weekend.  It actually went really well - we dumped him in the tub, pointed the shower head nozzle at him, dumped some shampoo on his head and went to town.  He wasn't particularly thrilled with getting wet, but he fucking loved the attention while he was getting dried off.  (The hair dryer... not so much.)

Finn got one tonight... she wasn't particularly wriggly, but she did make her whiny meow a lot, and it took so long for her to dry.  It's been hours, and she's still kinda damp.  She doesn't seem to be too mad at us, but she's a bit more jumpy when we get near her.  She also apparently HATES getting her paws wet.  For reals.

Clean kitties smell nice and are soft.  :)

Meridan and I picked wedding rings from Etsy this evening - I shall order them at the end of the month.  Productive!  I'm super awesome.

My stupid email account got hacked the other night.  So, after changing passwords and stuff, I decided to just stop using the old one and make a new one.  Anybody can message me through Dreamwidth or LJ, though, so it's no big deal.  Still, it's nice to dump the email after a few years.

I'm a sleepy monkey.
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I just don't even know, people.

I can't stop buying baby stuff for my little niece, Chava.  She's home from the hospital now, weighing over 4 pounds - considering she was born at 30 weeks, she's doing aces.  And, well, stores... they sell baby things, you know.  I wasn't necessarily aware of this before I discovered I was going to be an auntie, and now I CANNOT STOP.  Damn you, baby industrial complex.  These things are so tiny and so cute.

I got in an argument with my mom about the baby clothes, which was a little funny... she was with me while I was shopping, and kept insisting I should get the 6 month sized clothes and not the newborn ones.  I was like, um, this child is 4 pounds.  She can't even fit in the newborn sizes yet.  I think it'll be fine.  :P  She's nuts, but that's old news.

I have to literally cram all of the wedding planning into the 10 days I have off for spring break.  That's going to be awesomesauce.  

Finishing up school applications, la la la.  Meridan's definitely going to have to take some summer courses, and I'm trying to do the same, so it'll be a busy summer.  

I have nothing interesting to say.


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