May. 12th, 2011

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 I really, really wish I could capture on video those choice moments when Ravage is sleeping so deeply that he falls off the back of the armchair onto the floor, wakes himself up as he lands, shakes, and saunters over to the food dish as if to say, "Nobody saw that."

So, wedding.

I wish I could claim that I was different from the cliches.  I tried so hard to be different and offbeat, and despite all my best intents... I ended up crying last weekend and having a complete breakdown because the Old Navy had run out of large sized shirts in the style I'm using for the groomsmen.  Yeah.  

I made an entire bouquet with silk flowers, then junked it and made a complete new one.  I like the new one much better, but Meridan thinks I'm nuts.  I also am having second thoughts about my flower crown, which makes him really want to kill me.  

See, this is why I make all my wedding updates at Offbeat Bride.  I try to spare you all the pain.  :P

The wedding is now two weeks from Sunday.  The last couple pieces of my outfit puzzle have been put together - I have collected a dress, shoes, and hairpiece options.  Meridan is making my jewelry with chainmail, and it is WICKED.  And as of this morning, I have a hairdresser complete with consultation scheduled, and I have an appointment for my makeup with the Clinique counter in the mall!  I get a consultation and everything, and it's free, even though I'm sure I will buy a lip gloss or something. Boo-yah.  I told the girl doing my hair I could only manage about $50, and she said she could do it for that no problem.  Huzzah!

We are broker than hell at the moment, but whatever else happens, I'll look pretty.  So fuck all that noise.  :)

I invited too many people in my excitement.  I know for sure there won't be enough chairs, so bitches get to stand.  Awesome.  Oops.  :P

My wedding is almost entirely nerd-free.  I didn't do it on purpose - I just didn't want to go over the top.  In the end, it's actually just going to be very classy and very us.  I was worried last night about the lack of a cohesive theme, but themes cost money, frankly, and I'm happy knowing that it'll look good and we'll have something simple and pretty.  That's all I care about at this point.

I have Regretsy posts to surf through, so I'd best be off.


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