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 Being a homeowner changes your perspective on things.  Now, the house is full of broken shit.  Well, it was full of broken shit before, but now I'm way more aware of it.

Part of the deal with my father is that he will supply all materials to fix whatever's broken in the house.  We just have to either fix it ourselves or figure out whether someone needs to be hired for the work.  The biggest job that I can see that needs to be done this year is the bathroom - the floor is sinking in underneath the toilet, and the shower is missing tiles and looking disgusting.  We already know what we want to do to fix it, but since it's a big job, Meridan is reading up on plumbing to prepare.  

Our first thing to tackle is the broken oven, I think.  It needs a part that's about $150, my dad is going to get it and Meridan has to install it.  Meridan is being really awesome about all this - I think he's enjoying feeling like a homeowner and feeling like he can help my dad out, who has helped us so much in the past. 

I never really liked this house growing up.  I hated the little bedrooms and the broken shit.  But I feel like, now I can redecorate entirely, and it'll become like a new house.  And we're going to sell it as soon as the market improves, anyway.  Meridan and I definitely don't want to stay in Lacey for good.  Noooo.  But while he's going to school, it's a great place to live.

I hope I get to start my bachelor's in the fall, too.  I've been putting off taking this one last class for so much time, and for so many reasons.  It's time to just get it done.

In exciting gadget news, we just got a Roku player.  We got the new teeny $50 one, and it is FANTASTIC.  Not only can I do Netflix and all that other jazz with it (Crunchyroll anime, yay!) but you can use it as a media server to stream from your computer.  It's really easy to set up.  And because of the connectivity, it works with new or ancient TVs all the same.  The picture is really great.  I'm thinking about getting one for the living room and dumping the cable entirely.  I highly recommend this little thing.  The fancier versions have USB slots and extra memory and stuff, but they don't need it.  The cheapest one is perfect.

Also, we're going to Sakuracon.  I am pee-my-pants excited - it's been years.  And I miss my Shen.
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