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I need a new comforter.  Meridan doesn't see why we need one, because we sleep with separate microfiber blankets at night (seriously, the key to a happy marriage is separate blankets.  I kid you not.), but I explained that I really want a comforter or a quilt just to put on top and keep the sheets and stuff clean.  I dunno.  I can't explain it to him.  Boys.

I am so desperate for spring.  Hurry up, spring.  We've been drowning in rain here lately, and I need more sunshine to make up for it.

Project House is chugging along.  I cleaned out the back room/laundry room today - that felt awesome.  Now, the dog has a nice place for her food and water.

Speaking of dogs - it's odd to have a dog when you never really wanted one.  Like, I love doggies, but being a doggy owner is a different thing.  I love Meena, but she was never really my dog - she was my mom's.  Still, she's adapted well.  Not to be morbid, but the truth is, Meena was in the room with my mom when she died.  As a result, we've all realized that she knows she's gone - she doesn't wait by the front door for her like she used to when she was gone, or things like that.  The dog is very smart, and I think she's figured it out.  So, now, she defers to me in all things - probably because everyone else does.  I'm the only female here, and I think she knows I'm the alpha female.  It's made it easy to deal with the poor thing.

I have to take her to the vet tomorrow, though - she's got some icky abscess thing in between two of her toes.  It just showed up today - definitely wasn't there yesterday.  I think she licked at it a whole bunch last night and that's why it got all red.  Still, best to get that stuff taken care of.  That's my job now, I suppose, along with everything else.

Y'know what I've been doing lately?  Reviewing sex toys.  No, I'm serious.  Edenfantasys.com gives you points towards gift cards for doing a bunch of stuff, just browsing even, but the big points are in reviews.  I already have an order on the way that I got for $10.00 off, and I have another $10 waiting.  That's just in one week.  Plus, I'm becoming part of their advanced review program, which means I'll get one product a month for free to review.  Meridan is, well, quite thrilled.  I'm just laughing at how versatile these writing skills can be.   
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