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Jun. 11th, 2009 10:19 pm
kungfufighting: (fear the vaj)
Quite the busy week, my friends.  Oh, my.

Today, Meridan and I went out and bought our very first car.  I feel like such a grownup.  

It's a 1993 Toyota Tercel, it's red, and let's be honest, it's a bit shitty.  But it runs acceptably well, has problems that not only can be fixed but Meridan is already planning to fix with his dad's help, and it only cost us $500.00.  Even better, his parents let us have some of his bond money to buy it, otherwise we wouldn't have even been able to afford it.

It's got a really nice sound system, and even though it's 2 door, it's tiny but not impossibly tiny.  Matt & Shen fit in the back without much fuss.  It has this really weird fake tinting crap on the windows, but we peeled most of it off, and with a nice washing and waxing it'll be pretty nice looking.

Best part - the NRA sticker on the back.  Oh, yes.  I managed to get it peeled off right damn quickly, but there's still an Air Force sticker that I have to contend with.  Still, the NRA one was definitely the one that had to go immediately.

I am officially done with the Computer Center for good now.  I'm probably going to go over there tomorrow evening to hang out with Shen while she closes, but I worked my last shift today.  Feels weird. 

Our water heater broke AGAIN the other day, and our entire carpet was soaked through underneath.  We've been sleeping in the living room for the past two nights.  We borrowed my parents' carpet shampooer today, and that took care of most of the awful smell and the water, but it's still not perfect.  And, of course, our stuff is all over.  This weekend is major cleaning time.

My mom called me tonight to let me know that I got some financial aid info from SPSCC, including an award letter for the summer of $1500.  I'm not sure if that's before or after tuition, though.  I definitely need to go over there tomorrow and find out.  I'd log into the system online, but the fucking thing doesn't work from 10pm to 6am.  WTF?  I'll check it in the morning.  At any rate, there will be some money coming, so thank fucking Christ.  I'm sure it's not coming until August, cause they're still evaluating transcripts, but it'll be in time to take care of the rent at least.

So, yep.  Not a bad day at all.  Classes start on the 29th, free until then.


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