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 My brother-in-law and his wife merged their Facebook accounts.  WHY.

I find it extremely disturbing.  Partially because their profile picture is one of their new baby daughter.  IT'S LIKE THREE PEOPLE IN ONE!  I can only tell that it's the wife posting things because she plays far more fast and loose with grammar and spelling.  But it's still super creepy.

It's just about one month until the wedding.  I don't particularly have a ton left to do, but it's a significant amount.  Boo-urns.

I'm going to tell a story now about a superpower that I have that sucks.

So, I'm amazing at spoiling surprises.  It has to do with my ability to find things.  I'm not always good at it, but I do pretty well.  Especially when it comes to discovering gifts that people have hidden for me.

Whispering about a surprise for me?  I will accidentally walk in and hear it.

Hiding a gift?  I will always, always stumble upon it.  

I just want to be surprised, and it never happens.  :(

This year, for Valentine's Day, Meridan went to buy me a gift the day before while I hung out with Ari at the mall.  He picked us up afterwards, beaming.  I told him I would do my best to not discover the gifts in the car accidentally as I usually do, and told him that I assumed it was in the trunk and so I would avoid it.

"It's not in there!" he gloated.

Good deal.  I needed to take the car later that evening to do some shopping of my own (not his V-day gift - I bought that bitch a month before V-day and it was expensive and awesome).  

I get in the car and reach underneath the driver's seat to pull it forward for my tiny little legs.  And I pull out a Target bag.  Before my brain could make the connections, I looked at it.


When I asked him later why he thought it was a good hiding place, he responded with his signature phrase... "I panicked."


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