Jun. 14th, 2011 07:02 am
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 Well, this is weird.

We're mostly moved into my father's house now.  We slept here last night - well, Meridan is still sleeping, but I had to give up on account of having really weird dreams and terrible allergy issues.  I think it's having to do with sleeping on the floor... cause guess what?  Had to throw away yet ANOTHER bed.  We tried to move it yesterday and discovered that the entire underside was moldy, wooden frame and all.  We had two futons stacked up, and the top one was fine, but the rest had to go.  I'm displeased.

That's what I get for living in swampland, I suppose.  Ugh.

Anyways.  I have to make the best of it, I guess.  Other than the bed issue, it's really nice here - it's a split level, and we have the majority of the bottom to ourselves.  I have no oven or stovetop down here, and no freezer, but other than that, it's really nice.  Far nicer than any apartment I've ever had.  I guess we'll see.

Finn has to go to my mom's, and I am insanely depressed about this.  I don't even wanna get into it, so I won't.  Suffice to say, when we get our trailer, hopefully soon, she can come back.

It's really squeaky and noisy when people move around upstairs.  Awesome.  I bet it's my dad clunking around up there.

Graduation is this Friday.  I chose not to walk, owing to the fact that I technically have 4 credits left to do in the fall and it also felt a bit silly to walk for an AA, even though I worked hard for it.  I'm glad it's pretty much done, though.  On to the BA this winter.

Loves, my dears.  I will likely be updating a lot more this summer, seeing as how I finally frigging get a break.  Only work!  What a luxury.  :)
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Again.  I am moving in with a parent AGAIN.  I don't even know.

This is the fourth time.  Granted, this time, I have a husband to join me, and the majority of a whole floor of a split-level is ours, including bedroom, living room, mini-kitchen, and bathroom, but STILL.  Seriously, people.

I'm going a little bit nuts about not being able to take Finn, either.  My friend Robert is taking both cats - why, I don't know.  He must like me, or something.  He was a groomsman at my wedding, so there you go.  But still - I just hope Finn doesn't go nuts.  I know that moving both cats will result in another fight between them, since every time Ravage gets in a new space, he immediately claims it all as his own and treats Finn as a new intruder.  They've lived together for two damn years, and he still does that.  Punk.  And it's hard to force a friend to put up with that.

On the other hand, if Finn is just taken to Robert's all alone, she might be even sadder.  My dad suggested taking her to Mom's, which I'm actually thinking about.  There is Meena, but she's an older, calmer dog, so she might not mind.  I don't know.  At least at Mom's, I could visit her frequently so she doesn't forget us or anything.

I think we'll likely take her to Mom's.  As for Meena, we'll see how things go.

I have both my finals next Wednesday, and I am just hoping for passing grades.  Ugh.  I hate that feeling.

I'm currently working on my official go-to baby shower gift, this time for my cousin - star-shaped baby blanket.  Always a hit, easy to crochet mindlessly.  I really needed it after the wedding and all that stress, and I'm looking forward to working on it more after we get settled next week.

One more weekend in the apartment.  It's the first apartment Meridan and I had together all alone, and we were both getting sentimental about it yesterday.  No matter what, it'll always be our first little married home that we made together, and I'll miss it.  Still, though - I won't miss the $1000 a month on rent, utilities and other expenses.  Blech.  
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interrupting kitteh, originally uploaded by kungfufighting.

Welcome to what happens when I crochet. Lately, every time I bust out the big ripple, a certain someone jumps on my lap and makes herself welcome. She'll even sit right down on top of the hook - and my hands holding the hook.

Most of my pleasure lately is coming from Christmas pajamas. This officially makes me a doofus. Seems like lately people are starting the tradition of giving new pajamas as gifts on Christmas Eve. I'm usually confused by most American Christmas traditions, since we had very German Christmases - for example, ALL our presents got opened on Christmas Eve. Then, we had stockings on Christmas morning.

It's funny to think what sorts of things I'll do with my own kids, given that Meridan is Jewish (somewhat). He's fine with any Christmas stuff I want to do, but he doesn't really enjoy the holidays that much. Maybe that'll change when he's got his own kids. After all, the holidays really are 90% for children. My mother's family was Catholic, yes, but our Christmases were VERY secular.

Meridan made some brownie/cookie bar things yesterday for his holiday party at work, and now it's got me in the baking mood. Cookies ahoy!

My mother mentioned Sunday that she had found her wedding china, and that she was going to give it to me when Meridan and I have our own place. I always knew I would end up with it eventually, but it was really nice of her to offer it to me now. It made me tear up a bit - I know how much she treasures it.

Off to find cookie recipes!

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Ugh. It is impossible for me to come back from a convention without conSARS. I had a terrible night's sleep, and at some point this morning I woke up with my face covered in drool cause I'd been breathing through my mouth instead of my nose.

My interview with SPSCC is Thursday. Wish me luck!

I really don't know what to say about the convention. I had a good time, but there were so very many hiccups. Instead of attempting to pull rank to attend the cosplay, I decided to wait with the congoers in line, and I see now why they were complaining. A lot of people are clamoring for us to break the contract with the Hilton for next year, but I don't see it happening.

I also have no clue why people were coming and complaining to me. It clearly says Writing And Editing Staff on my badge. This does not indicate me to be someone who can do, well, anything about your issue. I was just as lost as anyone else. But I was actually most irritated with my fellow K-con staff. They harassed me up, down and sideways every time I took the staff elevators, even though it was clearly obvious by my badge THAT I WAS STAFF. Goddamn.

Well, if I do end up Publicity Director next year, I'm sure everyone will know me by then and leave me alone. ;)

Shen and I won a prize in the fan creation thing for an Ocean Blue oneshot we did. Does that mean that I can preface my name all the time now with "prize winning author"? I think it does.

Meridan woke me up this morning to tell me that Finn was playing with a half-dead mouse in our bedroom. AAAAUGHH. He had let her out into the living room while he took a shower, and I fell back to sleep right away, so I had no idea until I got back. It was squeaking and everything. Awful.
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Fucking FINALLY. I logged into the SPSCC website and it says they mailed my financial aid award letter today. I should finally be able to see what I'm getting by Monday. Maybe tomorrow if the mail is fast enough.

My room is finally clean. I never thought it would happen. I need to vacuum, but other than that, I'm sailing pretty. :)

Finn is being particularly cute today. I find it unnerving.

I bought a purple hoodie today. It's purple. And awesome.

I also found something super awesome at Goodwill - a tiny pink White brand sewing machine! It's this one right here, and it came in its box with all of the original parts and the manual for only $9.99. I pulled it out, plugged it in and tried it, and it works just fine. It definitely isn't as good as a proper machine - it's only got one stitch and one speed - but it's super awesome just the same. I never would have paid more than 10 bucks for it, but it's lovely for the price. I saw online that a bunch of people complained about never getting it to work, but I experimented and it's just fine.

God, it's going to be terrible trying to save money for the convention. Meridan just got paid today and I've already spent an embarrassing amount.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 12:57 am
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Um. I accidentally adopted a cat.

These things happen.

the long, adorable story )

I named her Finn. She's gray and white and fluffy and has the biggest yellow eyes you've ever seen. We brought her home from the vet this afternoon, and she got used to our bedroom very quickly. I'm not sure why she's decided to sleep under the bed primarily, but when you call her, she comes out and plays with you. She's so sweet - even the girl at the vet's commented on how cute she was and how lucky we'd gotten with her. Biggest purrs I've ever heard, and the tiniest little meows... the meows are probably why I loved her so much in the first place, cause she was talking to me the entire time we were at the shelter.

Ravage... um. Well. He's not... angry, per se. But the thing is, he's always so determined to get into our room, because it used to be Aleph's room, that I think he's a bit cranky that now some other cat thing gets to be in there. But I spent all weekend feeding him tons of treats and making him toys and giving him catnip and canned cat food (which he fucking LOVES) so that he wouldn't be so upset about her, and I think it worked a little. We'll see how it goes. Everyone is giving him TONS of attention right now, and Finn is staying in my room for the time being, so it's okay. He even sat on my lap and snuggled right before I had to leave for work, although he did turn around periodically to glare at me a bit. Purring, yet glaring - this is Ravage in a nutshell.

I'm a dork. 

Photos to come, so beware.


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