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 Oh, internets, things have been moving and shaking.  And HOW.

So, a year and a half after our hush-hush elopement, Meridan and I finally did the deed.  In front of our parents, no less!  It was plenty of fun, and I'm glad I did it, though I'm glad to be rid of the thing now.  Planning weddings makes my face fall off.

My mom was too drunk to come.  This is a shitty thing, but true, and my father wants to give me another wedding/party thing in the fall to make up for it, hoping she'll be better off then.  We'll see, is all I can say.

I hope I looked presentable - I felt humongous, but I usually feel like that lately.  Six straight months of fast food due to insane busy schedules have made Meridan and I a little too settled, if you get my drift.  

But, all this is about to change!  For as my wedding present from the universe... Meridan and I have to move out of our apartment.

See, there's this thing called rent.  It's fucking expensive.  And we can't afford it anymore.  Period.  So, we're packing up our things and heading to my dad's for a temporary stay while we look for our own trailer to buy.

Yes, our very own trailer!  Swimming pools, movie stars.  Packed up the truck and moved to Beverly.  As Meridan said, we're one drug conviction away from white trash - and if you count Mom in the equation, that makes us even closer owing to the drug conviction part.  Sigh.

I'm thinking of it as an adventure.  Also, the thought of being free from rent is extremely freeing.  I mean, we'll have a trailer payment - of like, $100 a month.  Quite the improvement over the $750 we have now.

We'll be parking it at my dad's place, plugging into his sewer and electricity and all that jazz.  It won't be so bad.  And, well, it is what it is.  Meridan now is free to do the pharmacy tech program up at Clover Park Tech in Lakewood without worrying that he should get full time work instead.  And that's worth it.  I have work until next January, so hallelujah there.

So.  Now to not fail my classes.  This might be more of a stretch than you'd think.  Ugh.


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