Jun. 14th, 2011 07:02 am
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 Well, this is weird.

We're mostly moved into my father's house now.  We slept here last night - well, Meridan is still sleeping, but I had to give up on account of having really weird dreams and terrible allergy issues.  I think it's having to do with sleeping on the floor... cause guess what?  Had to throw away yet ANOTHER bed.  We tried to move it yesterday and discovered that the entire underside was moldy, wooden frame and all.  We had two futons stacked up, and the top one was fine, but the rest had to go.  I'm displeased.

That's what I get for living in swampland, I suppose.  Ugh.

Anyways.  I have to make the best of it, I guess.  Other than the bed issue, it's really nice here - it's a split level, and we have the majority of the bottom to ourselves.  I have no oven or stovetop down here, and no freezer, but other than that, it's really nice.  Far nicer than any apartment I've ever had.  I guess we'll see.

Finn has to go to my mom's, and I am insanely depressed about this.  I don't even wanna get into it, so I won't.  Suffice to say, when we get our trailer, hopefully soon, she can come back.

It's really squeaky and noisy when people move around upstairs.  Awesome.  I bet it's my dad clunking around up there.

Graduation is this Friday.  I chose not to walk, owing to the fact that I technically have 4 credits left to do in the fall and it also felt a bit silly to walk for an AA, even though I worked hard for it.  I'm glad it's pretty much done, though.  On to the BA this winter.

Loves, my dears.  I will likely be updating a lot more this summer, seeing as how I finally frigging get a break.  Only work!  What a luxury.  :)
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Again.  I am moving in with a parent AGAIN.  I don't even know.

This is the fourth time.  Granted, this time, I have a husband to join me, and the majority of a whole floor of a split-level is ours, including bedroom, living room, mini-kitchen, and bathroom, but STILL.  Seriously, people.

I'm going a little bit nuts about not being able to take Finn, either.  My friend Robert is taking both cats - why, I don't know.  He must like me, or something.  He was a groomsman at my wedding, so there you go.  But still - I just hope Finn doesn't go nuts.  I know that moving both cats will result in another fight between them, since every time Ravage gets in a new space, he immediately claims it all as his own and treats Finn as a new intruder.  They've lived together for two damn years, and he still does that.  Punk.  And it's hard to force a friend to put up with that.

On the other hand, if Finn is just taken to Robert's all alone, she might be even sadder.  My dad suggested taking her to Mom's, which I'm actually thinking about.  There is Meena, but she's an older, calmer dog, so she might not mind.  I don't know.  At least at Mom's, I could visit her frequently so she doesn't forget us or anything.

I think we'll likely take her to Mom's.  As for Meena, we'll see how things go.

I have both my finals next Wednesday, and I am just hoping for passing grades.  Ugh.  I hate that feeling.

I'm currently working on my official go-to baby shower gift, this time for my cousin - star-shaped baby blanket.  Always a hit, easy to crochet mindlessly.  I really needed it after the wedding and all that stress, and I'm looking forward to working on it more after we get settled next week.

One more weekend in the apartment.  It's the first apartment Meridan and I had together all alone, and we were both getting sentimental about it yesterday.  No matter what, it'll always be our first little married home that we made together, and I'll miss it.  Still, though - I won't miss the $1000 a month on rent, utilities and other expenses.  Blech.  
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 Oh, internets, things have been moving and shaking.  And HOW.

So, a year and a half after our hush-hush elopement, Meridan and I finally did the deed.  In front of our parents, no less!  It was plenty of fun, and I'm glad I did it, though I'm glad to be rid of the thing now.  Planning weddings makes my face fall off.

My mom was too drunk to come.  This is a shitty thing, but true, and my father wants to give me another wedding/party thing in the fall to make up for it, hoping she'll be better off then.  We'll see, is all I can say.

I hope I looked presentable - I felt humongous, but I usually feel like that lately.  Six straight months of fast food due to insane busy schedules have made Meridan and I a little too settled, if you get my drift.  

But, all this is about to change!  For as my wedding present from the universe... Meridan and I have to move out of our apartment.

See, there's this thing called rent.  It's fucking expensive.  And we can't afford it anymore.  Period.  So, we're packing up our things and heading to my dad's for a temporary stay while we look for our own trailer to buy.

Yes, our very own trailer!  Swimming pools, movie stars.  Packed up the truck and moved to Beverly.  As Meridan said, we're one drug conviction away from white trash - and if you count Mom in the equation, that makes us even closer owing to the drug conviction part.  Sigh.

I'm thinking of it as an adventure.  Also, the thought of being free from rent is extremely freeing.  I mean, we'll have a trailer payment - of like, $100 a month.  Quite the improvement over the $750 we have now.

We'll be parking it at my dad's place, plugging into his sewer and electricity and all that jazz.  It won't be so bad.  And, well, it is what it is.  Meridan now is free to do the pharmacy tech program up at Clover Park Tech in Lakewood without worrying that he should get full time work instead.  And that's worth it.  I have work until next January, so hallelujah there.

So.  Now to not fail my classes.  This might be more of a stretch than you'd think.  Ugh.
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Forgot my iPod today. Damnation.

All done with work now, and it's study corner yet again. I got so much done yesterday by staying after school until Meridan picked me up at 6, so I figured I'd try again today. It's all English homework today.

I had a draft written for my paper already, but I scrapped it this morning after I realized it really had no point. I tend to free-write my drafts without editing, so they really don't work for final products. What usually happens is that I hit on an idea somewhere around the second page that can work for the whole paper, and that's what happened with this one.

I can't wait to be fucking done with Angels in America. After this paper, I can forget about it. Good play, yes, but I'm sick of it after a month and a half.

Crap, if I can't think of things to write about here, I have to start working. Um. Think.

I got the 25th off work so I can just stay home and pack. This is a very good thing. Meridan has to work, but there's so much I can do on my own. And we've told the power company to turn on our juice on the 27th, so depending on how quickly the two of us can get shit out, we might be able to do it all on the 26th. That's when they're giving us our keys, so that's when it happens.

I ate breakfast and had lunch today at noon, and I'm hungry again now. WTF? It's only 3. I know I can make it longer, but maybe I should just get my paper done and get out of here. Hm. I guess I'll try. Paper time.


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