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Well, I'm partway through The Alchemyst, by Michael Scott, but I just hit 20 hours and I'm in need of food, so we'll call it done.

To sum up: five and a half books read in 20 hours. I'll give my thoughts on the experience and the books I read later, but I can say that I feel really thrilled for having read what I did, and I'm not sorry that I only got through a few books.

Time to report my finishing!
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Such a fun book! I sped right through it!

Title: House of Many Ways
Author: Diana Wynne Jones

Overall: It's the first proper sequel to Howl's Moving Castle, and if you've only seen the Ghibli film and never read Howl's, you must. The book is far better and Howl is a far more entertaining character. This sequel focused on a different protagonist, but Howl and Sophie do show up in the book. It was a nice, fun read after the serious seriousness that is any Juliet Marillier book.

It's looking like my final total might only be six books, which isn't what I was hoping for, but they weren't really small books exactly that I was reading. And, again, busy weekend. I'm definitely going to finish what I didn't get to very soon.
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So, with the picking up Mom from the airport and the party and all that, I'm definitely not getting as much reading in for this weekend as I wanted to. It's too bad, but I did calculate that if I read on through to my ending time tonight, I will have 20 hours exactly. I didn't think I'd hit it, but I managed to read a lot last night after most of the party guests left.

I believe 20 hours is the minimum to be entered into the drawing for prizes and things, so yay!

I'm not going to stop at midnight, however - I have to for the contest, since I started at midnight on Saturday, but I'm going to go as long as I can and see how much I can read in a weekend. And I definitely need to do this again shortly on a weekend where so much isn't going on. Super annoying, but couldn't really help it - plans were already made!

Anyways. Back to House of Many Ways.
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I slept in embarrassingly late today after quite a long party, and so I wasn't able to start reading until about 5:30 this evening. Regardless, I have finished book 4. Yay!

Title: Heir To Sevenwaters
Author: Juliet Marillier

Overall: Well, she is my favorite author, and the Sevenwaters books are one of my favorite series of hers, right after the Wolfskin books. So I didn't expect it to disappoint. I had been waiting for a good changeling story from her, and I finally got one!

I don't know if this book really truly qualifies as YA, but the protagonist is somewhere between 16 and 18, I think, and I figured it was fine. Plus, I'd really been waiting to read this book, so the hell with it. :)

Next up - um, not sure! I'm tired of reading on the computer, so probably one of my real paper books.
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Yay! Managed to get an hour of reading in before the party, and I just finished book three!

Title: Coraline
Author: Neil Gaiman

Overall: Not having seen the movie, I was really looking forward to reading this before I did so, and I was not disappointed. I almost kinda want to see it as a comic or a picture book, and I definitely want to see the movie now. Gaiman rarely disappoints, eh?

I didn't want to read two books by the same author this weekend, but I do have The Graveyard Book all ready to go for the future.

Now, I will read until the party gets going.
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Haven't had the chance to put much reading time in yet today, but I did finish my second book.

Title:  The Last Unicorn
Author:  Peter S. Beagle

Overall:  I didn't know if I'd like the book as much as the animated film, since it just happens to be my favorite movie ever.  But I was pleasantly surprised.

The novel is much richer, and I really wish the entire part about the town of Hagsgate hadn't been left out of the movie, because it explained so much.  

More to come later - I'm just getting off of work, and I have to rush on home and get ready for the party.  I don't know how much I'm going to get done reading-wise for the rest of the day, but my goal is to get through at least one more book.  Tomorrow is going to be the real run for the finish line, however.
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Hell YES.  One book down in about 2 1/2 actual hours of reading time - I took a meal break in the middle, as well as several pauses to enjoy the hilarity that was the Aeon Flux Riff Trax.

Title:  The Light-Bearer's Daughter (winner of the Green Earth Book Award)
Author:  O.R. Melling

Overall:  Ireland is cool.  But we all knew this already.

I'm probably going to edit these reviews far more as the weekend progresses, but my brain is a bit worn out, so I'll have to just claim that the book was enjoyable for now and leave it at that.  It was definitely a book I would have loved at the age of 12, and despite my current distaste for all things Greener, I found the environmental message of the book to be touching without being preachy.  And come on, any 12 year old female tomboy would find eco-terrorists and their treehouses super cool, right?

Probably going to start book 2 before heading to bed.  I think it's going to be The Last Unicorn, since I'm all in a forest-y mood now.

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My reading list is 8 strong so far. I'm going to go pick up a couple more tomorrow, depending on how far I get. My goal is 10 books over the whole weekend. Hope I can do it!

They're not in any order yet, but The Last Unicorn will probably be first.

So excited! :)


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