Jan. 16th, 2010 07:00 pm
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2 weeks into the quarter, and I have an A in every class so far.  Looking good.

Man, I'm really getting lazy with my psychology class, though.  Taking Psych 100 was a mistake.  I didn't really need the course, and I'd already taken Psych 200 in the summer and aced it, so I don't know why I bothered.  I'm really bored with it.  I feel like everything I need to know was covered in developmental psychology, and it's not that exciting to me.  

I guess I'll just deal.

So, the word is in - Meridan is not going to the forest this spring after all.  Apparently, it was really competitive this year, and I'm sure that they got many times more applicants than they usually do due to the economy.  So, he's decided to go a different way and apply for jobs as far north as Seattle.  He has a wonderful chance at these positions, and they all make a good amount of money, so our fingers are crossed.

Worst case scenario, he can stay at ACS until September.  I don't want him to have to, but if need be, he can.  

He's going to do independent study at Evergreen next year most likely, unless he has a good science-related position by that time. 

I admitted to him that I was overall pretty glad he was staying here.  I know I'm a whiner, but 3 1/2 months is a long time to be apart, and I feel like I already did my time way back when he was in Ecuador.  

Anyways.  The apartment search has begun.  We need a one bedroom that we can afford on our salaries, which means under $600.  Here at the Glen, it'd only be $540, so if nothing better comes along, we're gonna go with that.  Both cats are coming with us as well, so it has to be cat-friendly.  I'm getting financial aid in April, so that'll be our moving money.

I'm going to try and finish my blanket tonight so I can start something new soon.  I have to decide whether I'm going to put a border on or not - I'll probably not worry about it right now.


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