Dec. 16th, 2009 03:49 pm
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Syncing my Gmail calendar to my iPod Touch should NOT be this hard. Yeesh.

I decided to update my calendar since I got my work schedule today - I am in fact not going to be working the same hours as last quarter. Seems that my computer talents are in high demand (HAH), so I'm doing 9am-1pm computer floor support every day.

I don't really mind the schedule change. Meridan is going to switch his schedule to match mine, so he can take me to work, and even though I get done several hours before him, I can either stick around and do homework or take the bus home. The nice part is that if I do bus home, it'll be light out. Yay!

God, I'm so glad it's Wednesday. I have so much to do this week, and I really need Meridan's help. Gotta finish Christmas shopping, buy groceries, hunt down the rest of my schoolbooks, and do a crapload of other things. Sigh.
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Welcome to what happens when I crochet. Lately, every time I bust out the big ripple, a certain someone jumps on my lap and makes herself welcome. She'll even sit right down on top of the hook - and my hands holding the hook.

Most of my pleasure lately is coming from Christmas pajamas. This officially makes me a doofus. Seems like lately people are starting the tradition of giving new pajamas as gifts on Christmas Eve. I'm usually confused by most American Christmas traditions, since we had very German Christmases - for example, ALL our presents got opened on Christmas Eve. Then, we had stockings on Christmas morning.

It's funny to think what sorts of things I'll do with my own kids, given that Meridan is Jewish (somewhat). He's fine with any Christmas stuff I want to do, but he doesn't really enjoy the holidays that much. Maybe that'll change when he's got his own kids. After all, the holidays really are 90% for children. My mother's family was Catholic, yes, but our Christmases were VERY secular.

Meridan made some brownie/cookie bar things yesterday for his holiday party at work, and now it's got me in the baking mood. Cookies ahoy!

My mother mentioned Sunday that she had found her wedding china, and that she was going to give it to me when Meridan and I have our own place. I always knew I would end up with it eventually, but it was really nice of her to offer it to me now. It made me tear up a bit - I know how much she treasures it.

Off to find cookie recipes!


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