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It's waiting time again. I'm far more tired today than I was yesterday, but that was all adrenaline and nerves, I think. So sleepy.

So, my classes. Sociology is fantastic so far - my professor is super interesting and, well, kinda hot. But I'm mostly happy about the super interesting, I swear. :) My math class is fine as well - I don't have to buy the book because the class work is done online again this quarter, which I'm really happy about. It'll be like last quarter for me, only I'll get an hour a day to review things with a real teacher, which is fantastic. And he seems nice.

My choir class. Um. I'm undecided about it. If I could drop it, I would. It's got me all nervous that I have no singing talent. I mean, karaoke is one thing, but I'm just terrified that I'll suck. I'm not sure I like the choir director, but I think if I show up every day and look invested, I'll do fine. But the jury is still out on the class overall.

My mother is currently in the hospital again. She did something or took something or whatever on Sunday that made her practically incapacitated and unable to stand, so my dad took her in to the ER. They've done all sorts of tests and scans, no dice. Now, our local hospital is entirely useless, however - they still haven't called my mother's doctor to find out what she's being prescribed even though my father and I have told them to a million times. Anyways. I don't know what to think about all of it, so I've chosen not to dwell on it.

So, yeah. School. Work. Mom in hospital and little brother to take care of. I kinda just want to go to bed and crawl underneath the covers, but I can't. So I soldier on.

I think I'll get in the impossibly long bookstore line now for a soda.
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I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few of these morning posts, seeing as how I'm already on campus, but have jack all to do until 11. This may change when I have more homework, but to be honest, when I have looming due dates I just end up posting MORE on LJ, so I wouldn't count on it.

I made the mistake the other day of going to ratemyprofessor.com and checking into this quarter's professor lineup. The reviews on my sociology teacher and my math teacher are pretty good, the odd disgruntled former student not withstanding (what is it with people hating any kind of work ever?), but my choir teacher is a different story. I'm just hoping that because I have her for choir, not a music theory class, that it'll be okay.

There are many issues going on with my mother and my family at the moment. I'm trying my best to not think about all of it, because I'd never get anything accomplished.

The power was still on when we left this morning, so getting ready was actually pretty easy. Leave it to PSE to not get around to things until several hours after the approximated time. And after several days of no alarm, I was all confused by the sound of it going off this morning. Luckily, I always set it super early, so by the time I had it figured out it was only 8, so I had plenty of getting ready time.

Goddamn it is so cold in the student union building. WHY? My little hands are going numb. Maybe I need to go find a seat in the sun. Or go to the library. But I can't bring myself to go there when I know that I'm going to be spending 5 hours in there tomorrow.

Mkay. Time to find something to do.


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