Feb. 6th, 2010 04:42 pm
kungfufighting: (i love my brick)
Well, I've nearly got everything installed that I need on the Midget (Meridan named it, he's the dork, not me) and it's working very well. I tried running Free Realms, and it mostly worked. I never really expected it to run that well, so the fact that it even loaded impressed me. I think I'll go back to playing it after I upgrade the memory in the netbook to 2 gigs.

For those of you that care, I ended up getting the Asus Eee PC 1005PE. I got the cheaper version that comes without Bluetooth, because, well, I don't really care about Bluetooth, and there are USB adapters for that sort of thing that I can buy later. I picked this model over the 1001p because it had a much bigger hard drive, more reviews were available about it, and it can use wireless N instead of just G. Since we're going to buy a new router soon, I wanted to get wireless N, so this is ideal.

No trouble with Windows 7 Starter at all. Maybe it's because I was using Windows 7 before, and so I'm used to it. Dunno.

Oh, and it's red. I didn't want to wait to get it online, since the price differences weren't that big, so I just got it at Best Buy. They only had red, so red it is. It's pretty cute.

I will shut up about the netbook now. Mostly.

Kumoricon meeting is tomorrow. It's all the way in Salem, which means extra driving, but we're borrowing Mom's car, so it'll be a comfortable ride.


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