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Still nothing different with Mom. Thank you for all the well wishes. I know it's only been since Sunday that she's been really out of it, so if it is some kind of overdose that requires a detox, it's obviously going to take some time. I can't quite tell how serious the hospital is taking her, unfortunately.

Dwelling on it all will do me no good. So, I'm attempting some distractions. First, I'm going back to classes and work tomorrow, cause I need the distraction and I don't want to miss more than 2 days of school. Second, since I'm home today, I have several things to do:

1- Clean up the apartment a little. There are still dishes from the weekend in the sink, since we've been so busy. Gotta take care of those. Also, trash and recycling, that kind of thing. Nothing major.

2- Get ready for Ari. He's been alone all week at the house since it's his spring break, so Meridan and I are just going to pick him up tonight and keep him until Sunday. He's pretty excited. That means I have to get him all set up on the couch and de-fur the furniture cause of his allergies.

3- This is the most fun one! I found a journal at Costco last night that is a specific reading journal for book lovers called Read, Remember, Recommend. Not only does it have some room for documenting what you're reading (not enough room, IMO, but I can always add paper), but most importantly, it has tons of lists of books - award winners, library recommended books, etc. On the author's website, she's holding a challenge for a whole year to read as many books as possible from these lists. So, I'm going to do it. We have a ton of these books at my work, and I plan on loading a bunch on my e-reader as well. My goal is 30 in the year, which is very reasonable considering that I'm also giving myself another challenge:

4- I'm going to also try to read as many Hugo and Nebula award winning books as I can this year. They aren't listed in the book, mostly because they aren't general fiction awards, but sci-fi/fantasy awards, so not everyone would enjoy them. But there's a place in the journal to make your own lists, so I'm going to collect the names of the award winners, figure out what I've already read, and attack the rest. :)

My classes aren't nearly as demanding this quarter as they were last quarter, so I'll have the time to read, definitely. And I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to blog about the books, but possibly not here - I have a Wordpress blog that I don't use that would probably be better for this kind of thing.

Anyways. Distractions, distractions. That's what I need.


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