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Finally finished my persona doll last night. I left the writeup until this morning, but it took quite a while. My doll has Asperger's, so I spent a lot of time researching stress charts and emotion cue cards and all that jazz. Still, I'm done with 10 minutes to spare, so go me.

I can't wait until work is over today. I'm gonna sleep and sleep like whoa. Then, it's on to history and biology homework for another 3 weeks until my break.

Anywho. Off to class!

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Dec. 30th, 2009 07:22 pm
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Well, it seems that my laptop cord is broken. Last night, my laptop shut itself off and wouldn't turn back on, so I thought it was the laptop at first, but Meridan and I figured out that it's just a dead battery because of the broken cord.

Bad timing, though. There's very little money to spare right now, and my online classes start tomorrow, so I need a working laptop. But it has to be done.

Thank Jebus for this iPod. It's keeping me from going crazy. I can keep up with email and whatnot, and also type entries like this, albeit very, very slowly. :P

I'm using this time to crochet and work on a couple of patterns I'm writing to release on Ravelry. It's nice, but I wish I could find my camera cord to charge it so I could take photos.

Anywho. Enough iPod typing. Think I'll vacuum.

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Yesterday was the first day of what turned out to be quite a bad period this month. It's been bad ever since I started these new pills, and I have an appointment at the good old Planned Parenthood on Monday, so I figured I'd just soldier through it like always and start a new, hopefully better BC on Monday.

It was bad earlier today, but by this evening, things were easing up.

It was at this time, of course, that my body said to itself, "You know what would be hilarious right now? A urinary tract infection."


No ER needed this time - I picked up test strips and some UTI pain meds over the counter after work today, and between those and some spare antibiotics (bad, I know, but I really can't handle another $500 hospital bill), I think I'll be okay. I was sure before I took the test - you don't forget that kind of pain - but I did it anyway, and it turned positive insanely quickly.

So, yeah. Cramps. UTI pain, burning, etc.

Good times.

At least I got my loan paid off this week. OH YES I DID. DEBT FREE, BITCHES.

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