Feb. 6th, 2010 04:42 pm
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Well, I've nearly got everything installed that I need on the Midget (Meridan named it, he's the dork, not me) and it's working very well. I tried running Free Realms, and it mostly worked. I never really expected it to run that well, so the fact that it even loaded impressed me. I think I'll go back to playing it after I upgrade the memory in the netbook to 2 gigs.

For those of you that care, I ended up getting the Asus Eee PC 1005PE. I got the cheaper version that comes without Bluetooth, because, well, I don't really care about Bluetooth, and there are USB adapters for that sort of thing that I can buy later. I picked this model over the 1001p because it had a much bigger hard drive, more reviews were available about it, and it can use wireless N instead of just G. Since we're going to buy a new router soon, I wanted to get wireless N, so this is ideal.

No trouble with Windows 7 Starter at all. Maybe it's because I was using Windows 7 before, and so I'm used to it. Dunno.

Oh, and it's red. I didn't want to wait to get it online, since the price differences weren't that big, so I just got it at Best Buy. They only had red, so red it is. It's pretty cute.

I will shut up about the netbook now. Mostly.

Kumoricon meeting is tomorrow. It's all the way in Salem, which means extra driving, but we're borrowing Mom's car, so it'll be a comfortable ride.
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Ugh. It is impossible for me to come back from a convention without conSARS. I had a terrible night's sleep, and at some point this morning I woke up with my face covered in drool cause I'd been breathing through my mouth instead of my nose.

My interview with SPSCC is Thursday. Wish me luck!

I really don't know what to say about the convention. I had a good time, but there were so very many hiccups. Instead of attempting to pull rank to attend the cosplay, I decided to wait with the congoers in line, and I see now why they were complaining. A lot of people are clamoring for us to break the contract with the Hilton for next year, but I don't see it happening.

I also have no clue why people were coming and complaining to me. It clearly says Writing And Editing Staff on my badge. This does not indicate me to be someone who can do, well, anything about your issue. I was just as lost as anyone else. But I was actually most irritated with my fellow K-con staff. They harassed me up, down and sideways every time I took the staff elevators, even though it was clearly obvious by my badge THAT I WAS STAFF. Goddamn.

Well, if I do end up Publicity Director next year, I'm sure everyone will know me by then and leave me alone. ;)

Shen and I won a prize in the fan creation thing for an Ocean Blue oneshot we did. Does that mean that I can preface my name all the time now with "prize winning author"? I think it does.

Meridan woke me up this morning to tell me that Finn was playing with a half-dead mouse in our bedroom. AAAAUGHH. He had let her out into the living room while he took a shower, and I fell back to sleep right away, so I had no idea until I got back. It was squeaking and everything. Awful.
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Dudes!  It's that time of year again.  We're staying at the con hotel, which is a Hilton, and it is the fucking shittiest hotel ever when it comes to providing services.  It's clean, and comfy, but the rooms have barely any amenities, including the mini fridge which the website claimed it would have, and the fucking internet costs $10 for 24 hours.  Luckily, I've discovered a lovely wifi connection from a local hotel, and I'm all kinds of piggybacking on that shit right now.  It goes in and out, though.  We'll see if I get this posted.  And the fucking TV has like 20 channels, and it just sucks.

I'm super tired.  I napped for an hour or so, but I spent 7 hours working the merchandise booth, and it wore me out.  It was just sitting, but with very few breaks, a crappy chair to sit in, and it gave me a big old headache.  I'm back again tomorrow morning at 10, but that's only a 4 hour shift.  Yay!

It's not a bad Kumoricon, considering.  Hotel is shitty, and is bitching about all the congoers even though they're making bank off of us, but there's tons of programming. 

Shen and I did a manga creating panel earlier, which I told her at first that I was too sick and tired to attend, but showed up at the last minute to rescue her from shyness.  I was in my pajamas, however.  It was awesome.  I think it went pretty well - we aren't experts by any means, but we know a thing or two about the manga makings after all these years.  People didn't seem bored, at least.

Anywho.  Good so far, even though there's no good merch to buy.  I bought another xxxHolic purse this year, and it's super cute and full of pockets, but that's all I've gotten for myself.  There just isn't a lot here.  Boo-urns.


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