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 Ah, DW/LJ.  Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm not around - I STILL haven't decided where to blog for good, so there's that.  Although I like my Tumblr.  

Speaking of Tumblr - my new favorite one ever: Unfuck Your Habitat.  It's unbelievably motivating.  It's also given me less threatening, more forgiving language to use when I'm facing the chaos that is my home - the house is fucked, and I need to unfuck it.  Unfucking is a gradual process, but the best part is that every little bit of unfucking helps.  Also quite motivating for homework, so I hear.  Go check it out!  The person who runs it has the BEST GIFS ever.  And that's saying something on Tumblr.

Meridan and I started watching Supernatural.  Well, I started, he allowed it to distract him from League of Legends, and now he's even more obsessed than I am.  God, I love that show.  The men are pretty, and the gore is gory, and the angels are mostly downright SEXY.  Oh, Castiel.  I heart you.

Suffice to say, our Roku has become our new third partner in the relationship.  And every threesome is better than the last, yo.  Netflix & Hulu for TV shows & movies, Crunchyroll for anime, Pandora for music to clean to, and Plex for watching things off of our computer on the TV with its fancy media server thing.  It's a good thing.  

We're working at Emerald City Comic Con this year.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to attend, but I still wanted to be part of it, so I figured this was a decent idea.  We get in free the whole weekend, and all it requires is a 6 hour shift each day.  No biggie.  I've done worse at other cons and still had to pay to get in!  WTF.

My whole life has become paperwork.  Seriously.  It's a pain in the ass. 

I still miss my mom.  Some days I walk out into the backyard with Meena and I look outside and think, there's no way in hell she's actually dead.  She's just... gone.  Missing.  Absent.  The overpriced box on the dining room bookshelf would beg to differ, but it's still not real to me.  Speaking of boxes, are you aware just how hard it is to decide where to put an urn?  Are you also aware that it's just damn weird to have an urn in the house?  And you have to be reverent, but you don't want to call attention to it too much - it's fucking weird.  Also, I didn't even want the urn.  My stepmom bought it, so I'm using it, but what the hell do I do with it after I scatter her ashes this summer?  Makes no sense!  Why couldn't we just keep the ashes in the box they came in?  Jesus.

Yeah.  Weird.
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I need a new comforter.  Meridan doesn't see why we need one, because we sleep with separate microfiber blankets at night (seriously, the key to a happy marriage is separate blankets.  I kid you not.), but I explained that I really want a comforter or a quilt just to put on top and keep the sheets and stuff clean.  I dunno.  I can't explain it to him.  Boys.

I am so desperate for spring.  Hurry up, spring.  We've been drowning in rain here lately, and I need more sunshine to make up for it.

Project House is chugging along.  I cleaned out the back room/laundry room today - that felt awesome.  Now, the dog has a nice place for her food and water.

Speaking of dogs - it's odd to have a dog when you never really wanted one.  Like, I love doggies, but being a doggy owner is a different thing.  I love Meena, but she was never really my dog - she was my mom's.  Still, she's adapted well.  Not to be morbid, but the truth is, Meena was in the room with my mom when she died.  As a result, we've all realized that she knows she's gone - she doesn't wait by the front door for her like she used to when she was gone, or things like that.  The dog is very smart, and I think she's figured it out.  So, now, she defers to me in all things - probably because everyone else does.  I'm the only female here, and I think she knows I'm the alpha female.  It's made it easy to deal with the poor thing.

I have to take her to the vet tomorrow, though - she's got some icky abscess thing in between two of her toes.  It just showed up today - definitely wasn't there yesterday.  I think she licked at it a whole bunch last night and that's why it got all red.  Still, best to get that stuff taken care of.  That's my job now, I suppose, along with everything else.

Y'know what I've been doing lately?  Reviewing sex toys.  No, I'm serious.  Edenfantasys.com gives you points towards gift cards for doing a bunch of stuff, just browsing even, but the big points are in reviews.  I already have an order on the way that I got for $10.00 off, and I have another $10 waiting.  That's just in one week.  Plus, I'm becoming part of their advanced review program, which means I'll get one product a month for free to review.  Meridan is, well, quite thrilled.  I'm just laughing at how versatile these writing skills can be.   
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 Being a homeowner changes your perspective on things.  Now, the house is full of broken shit.  Well, it was full of broken shit before, but now I'm way more aware of it.

Part of the deal with my father is that he will supply all materials to fix whatever's broken in the house.  We just have to either fix it ourselves or figure out whether someone needs to be hired for the work.  The biggest job that I can see that needs to be done this year is the bathroom - the floor is sinking in underneath the toilet, and the shower is missing tiles and looking disgusting.  We already know what we want to do to fix it, but since it's a big job, Meridan is reading up on plumbing to prepare.  

Our first thing to tackle is the broken oven, I think.  It needs a part that's about $150, my dad is going to get it and Meridan has to install it.  Meridan is being really awesome about all this - I think he's enjoying feeling like a homeowner and feeling like he can help my dad out, who has helped us so much in the past. 

I never really liked this house growing up.  I hated the little bedrooms and the broken shit.  But I feel like, now I can redecorate entirely, and it'll become like a new house.  And we're going to sell it as soon as the market improves, anyway.  Meridan and I definitely don't want to stay in Lacey for good.  Noooo.  But while he's going to school, it's a great place to live.

I hope I get to start my bachelor's in the fall, too.  I've been putting off taking this one last class for so much time, and for so many reasons.  It's time to just get it done.

In exciting gadget news, we just got a Roku player.  We got the new teeny $50 one, and it is FANTASTIC.  Not only can I do Netflix and all that other jazz with it (Crunchyroll anime, yay!) but you can use it as a media server to stream from your computer.  It's really easy to set up.  And because of the connectivity, it works with new or ancient TVs all the same.  The picture is really great.  I'm thinking about getting one for the living room and dumping the cable entirely.  I highly recommend this little thing.  The fancier versions have USB slots and extra memory and stuff, but they don't need it.  The cheapest one is perfect.

Also, we're going to Sakuracon.  I am pee-my-pants excited - it's been years.  And I miss my Shen.

moving on

Jan. 28th, 2012 10:05 pm
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First off, I forgot to thank all of you last time for your love and support.  I appreciate it so much, particularly because you mean far more to me than the majority of my blood relatives.  Your condolences actually mean something, and thank you.

Well.  My mom's funeral/memorial type thing was as bad as I'd figured.  It was nice to see a few people there, but for the most part, fuck that shit.  My grandmother was exactly as disgusting as I imagined she'd be, and she wouldn't leave me the fuck alone the entire time.  I decided to skip any potential scenes by being as polite and neutral as possible - everyone already thought I was going to be all hysterical, so I figured I'd wait.  She got my address, and as soon as she sends me something, I'll write a letter back.  It'll be quite the doozy - I'm looking forward to it.

I rarely say this about people, but I hope she dies alone.  She's earned it.  When she told me that I would learn someday about how your firstborn always holds a special place in your heart, I wanted to punch her face in.  I learned all about her secrets many years ago from many other family members - I know all about that special place she had for Mom.  

My mom never stood up for herself, but by god, I can stand up for her now.

Anyways.  It's done, and now I can forget about it once and for all.  You can't pick your family, after all.

Now my life goes on.  I have a house to maintain now, my house.  Until we're stable, my father will still be paying on it, but for all intents and purposes, it's my home.  My first goal is to make it my home.  I loved my mom, still do, and I love her things, but I know that most of it has to go.  I have to make my own space, I can't live here and feel like it's her home all the time.  Plus, it helps me to move on.

I've agreed with Meridan that the garage will be a longish term solution for storing her things.  I'm not really ready to give much away yet, but putting it in the garage will help me feel that I can deal with it later, perhaps in the summer.  

The dog misses her, but we're giving her as much love as we can manage.

Meridan and I are moving into my mom's room.  We have to take the master bedroom, it's just not logical for us to keep staying in the tiny room.  Plus, that's Ari's room, really, and he needs to have a place to sleep when he stays.  Also - I'm not sleeping in a bunk bed anymore, goddamnit.  So, I'm going to clear everything out, pack it up and take it to the garage, and there we go.  She was barely in there anymore anyways, so it doesn't even really feel all that much like her in there.  

When I focus on my future, I don't feel so sad.  I hate to be profiting off of Mom's death, but I know exactly what she would have wanted.  

My dad is still pretty crushed.  He was saddest of us all, I think, despite their divorce.  When you think about the years spent together and how much he loved her - I'm not surprised.  

And so, we're homeowners now.  My uncle is still here, but I don't really know for how long.  To be honest, I'll be a bit glad when he's gone, but I don't mind him here.  It is what it is.

Mom kept saying this was going to be our year this year.  I'm going to make it our year.  For her.


Dec. 29th, 2011 07:14 pm
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 DUDES.  Meridan is at the bar watching a football game with his dad (go Huskies) and I have no current work assignments due.  I also have little to no crafting lined up, cause I'm waiting for the big Joann's yarn sale next weekend.  Guess what I have planned?

I'm gonna play WoW ALL BY MYSELF.  

This is quite the moment for me.  I hope I can handle it.  Yeah, I totally can.

Then, later, more romance novels and ginger ale.  

You wish you had my life.
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 Happy Holidays, my dears.  I hope everyone's doing as well as can be expected.  We're struggling on through here, same as usual.

I won't be taking classes next quarter, owing to a financial aid snafu.  Honestly, I'm not that bothered.  I just wish I could get this ONE class over with to get my degree already.  I mean, one class.  Yeesh.

Freelancing is going well.  It's nice to get paid, even if it is just a leetle bit.  

Family is, well, family.

I've started journaling privately.  It really helps, not having to self-edit or anything.  It's not as if I'm struggling constantly not to talk about certain people or things, but I know full well that everyone has mood swings and opinions do change.  With that, I'm not feeling as if I want to constantly talk about my ups and downs where people can see them.  It's just easier keeping it private.

Still figuring out the Blogger vs. Tumblr thing.  I like both for different reasons.

I recently got my Sony e-reader back into shape.  It's one of the earlier generations and has VERY few features, but it does the trick.  It was having an issue with updating and whatnot, but I found an alternative operating system to install, and it works much better now.  My dad has said he's going to get me one of the new Sony ones very soon, and I really do need an upgrade.  In the meantime, though, I'm content with this one.  Meridan got me a pair of fancy book lights for Christmas, and now I'm all set.  The best part?

I have FILLED the thing with steamy historical romances.  I HAVE NO SHAME.  Like, seriously.  I'm pretty picky, but some of these things aren't half bad.  I also really like being able to read a book or two every night.  I realized I needed to read some of these when I was getting mad at my other books for not having enough romance nonsense in them.  When you're digging for scraps... it's time to go to the source, yo.

Don't judge me.

Loves to you all.

as usual.

Dec. 18th, 2011 03:44 am
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 Y'all might as well get used to the fact that I only show up here around deadline time.  It's impressive what you can come up with to do when you're busy trying to not do work.

So, I'm on my second freelance assignment.  I can pretty much just keep doing this until I die, it seems - I got excellent feedback for my work, was paid promptly (although waiting for money to clear through oDesk is like waiting for paint to dry), and they handed over a new assignment almost immediately.  Work work work.

However.  I am lazy.  So there you go.

Do I actually get to call myself a freelance writer now?  I was wondering that earlier.  I changed my Facebook profile (you know that makes it official, yo), and it made me feel a bit shiny, but I just don't know if I can go that far yet.  Depending on how long I do this, I will have to claim it for tax reasons - maybe that makes it official?  I dunno.  I'm a dork.

God, shut up Moni, go back to work.
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I super love being an independent contractor. I love getting paid to write, even if it isn't for stories, cause at least it's something I really enjoy doing. I get all of the fun I had learning new things working for KGB, and none of the blowjob/anal rape questions.

So far, my editor has given me kickass feedback. You know when an editor refers to your work as AMAZING in all caps, you're sitting pretty. As long as I make my deadline tomorrow, I should be well set up for more assignments from this client.


I'm seriously terrible at this. I left 150 questions to do tonight before I go to bed. It's because I work for about half an hour at one go, doing about 15 questions during that time, and then I take a 'break' and forget about it until the next day! It's like putting off homework. Except I get paid for this! Yeesh.

Meridan is very pleased with my working from home. He keeps telling me that I seem made to do this kind of thing and that even if I don't make much money, it's at least something. Honestly, at $75 an assignment, I don't have to do many assignments to get to my previous salary - I was only bringing home about $400 a month. And I can charge more later after I get a good client base established.

Anyways. Seeing as how this is just yet another form of procrastination, imma gonna shut up.
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Who doesn't love lists?  For serious.

- My mom broke her foot.  She can't put any weight on it for at least 4 weeks.  I'm entirely sure I will kill her out of frustration before that, though, so that's all good.  It's pretty fucking clear at this point where I got my stubbornness and pigheaded independent streak from.  Yeah.

- Meridan and I are STILL playing a lot of WoW.  It has been well worth the subscription so far, and I plan on continuing to pay for it, at least until January.  They just introduced some option where you can make a piece of armor or a weapon take on the physical characteristics of another item, meaning that I can finally put pretty robes back on my shaman physically while getting to keep all my sweet mail stats.  It pretty much solves the only problem I had with the game.

- Since I quit my job, I've been pondering the whole money thing.  We're going to be fine what with financial aid, at least for the rest of the year.  However, I really wanted to come up with something to do with my time.  I thought about getting back into the whole KGB/ChaCha thing, and I looked into it, but the pay had gotten even shittier since the last time I did it.  Not worth my fucking time.  After some research into freelancing, I became a contractor with oDesk, figuring I could do some data entry or transcription at home.  There are other freelancing sites out there, but the feedback about oDesk was overwhelmingly good, and I gave it a try.  So far, so good - I've actually found out that I'm pretty qualified to do most of the writing jobs - after only about a week as an active member, I got offered a SEO web content job writing blurbs for Ask.com.  The pay is actually not all that bad, either.  We'll see how it goes.

- Related to that new job offer - apparently, it usually takes people months to get that first oDesk job.  So I'm feeling pretty fucking proud of myself at the moment.  I knew brushing off those writing skills could come in handy.

- Yet another thing related to oDesk - it's pretty damn nice being a contractor instead of an employee.  I'm self-employed, I'm my own boss, and I have clients rather than employers.  I really, really love working from home - my social anxiety has gotten worse over the years and my ADHD really benefits from being able to isolate myself while I work in comfort.  

- The last thing I'll say that's oDesk related - it's really pretty sick how many people are out there looking for outsource work, willing to be paid $1.00 an hour for things I would never take less than $10 for.  It makes me sad, because there are clients who target people like that - they specifically look for contractors in East Asia and list horribly low suggested bids.  Fuck that shit.  

- My baby brother turns 17 on a week from Tuesday.  SO OLD.  I changed that little punk's diapers.  YEARS of summers sacrificed to free babysitting.  And now he's 17 and in college.  Fuck that shit.  He has to write a little blurb for his English portfolio about someone who's helped him through his life, and he picked me.  Goddamnit, I love that stupid kid.

- Meridan has all the way been accepted into his pharmacy tech program.  He will be a certified technician by the end of the summer!  Basically, this means that by the fall, he will likely have a good full time job with benefits.  Poverty Time is nearly over, and it's awfully nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

List over.


Nov. 14th, 2011 03:28 am
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 Things to update:

- I have a new laptop.  It is red and shiny.  It was an extremely good deal at Costco, and I feel no shame.  NO MORE NETBOOK OMG.

- Meridan and I are playing a lot of WoW together now.  Like, a lot.  Like, so much that we had to become full paid accounts after three days because we hit the level 20 cap.  No shame for this either.

- I have quit my job.  I didn't want to, and I really miss it already, but I had to on account of being far too needed at the moment.  I am the only driver for four people, including my mom who's in the disability application process and needs to be driven somewhere almost every day.

- I'm thinking about not enrolling next quarter.  I haven't decided yet.  I'm kinda not interested in bothering with the community college anymore, and I'm ready to just start at WSU with the online bachelor's thing.  

- We are still poor.  But not oppressively so.  With careful planning, I think Meridan's financial aid will be enough next quarter.  Maybe.

- I take it back about the not enrolling next quarter.  Meridan says he'll kill me.  So, yeah.

I live a thrilling life.
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You.  Me.  Any other weirdos who want to join in.


I am for reals, I will make Meridan dress as Spike if I have to.


Mkay?  Mkay.
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So, I'm busy working on a solution re: my blogging.  More and more, I've been wanting to separate this kind of stuff into two things, or maybe three - personal, friends-only journaling like Dreamwidth or LJ, photo/link/tweet blogging like Tumblr, and writing stuff like LJ Idol or Ficly things or what have you.

I'm sorting it all out.  Stay tuned.  Cause I know you're so excited and stuff.
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"Why do we always fight on important dates?  Last time it was my birthday, now on our anniversary..."

"I know why.  It's because you always ask for things on these dates, and I get depressed because I can't give them to you, and then it all starts."

I'm 29.  I live with my husband of 2 years in my mother's house.  I sleep in a bunk bed.  My mom not only insists on doing, but folding my laundry.  Including my husband's underwear.

It's interesting what you take for granted, being married.  You assume you'll have a place of your own, you'll pay bills and go to school or work or both.  You'll look at each other and go, well, we're in our twenties now, but in ten years, things are gonna look great.  

We knew we'd end up losing our apartment.  It was just a matter of time.  He wasn't working, I only had a part time job.  We put it off for as long as we could.  Mostly because it seemed too ridiculous to bear - our first home together?  Nah.  It was there for good.

We spent the first part of June moving out in bits and pieces.  On our last trip away, after we'd locked up and dropped off the keys late at night, my husband got in the car and cried.  I did too, but only a little - I'd been crying all month, and I was already prepared for that moment.  All I could do was remind him over and over again, "We'll be fine.  I love you.  We'll be fine."

Up until the move, I kept telling him every time he got depressed, "It'll be fine.  As long as we have each other, it doesn't matter where we go."

It's kinda a little bit bullshit, isn't it?  We both knew it, too.  And even though he's in a great program in school that will give him a wonderful shot at a well paying job when he's done, for another year, we're still in limbo.  

When we got together, our assumed gender roles fell into place really quickly, I'm a little ashamed to say.  Being married brought out the dormant provider in my husband and the way, way dormant nurturer/domestic goddess in me.  He loved giving me things, I loved making our lives more beautiful and comfortable.  

Now, I have no home to spruce up.  No kitchen of my own to cook in.  And he has no means of income.  Love is literally all we have.  And yes, the answer is, it's been enough.  It is technically enough.

According to one of our songs (yes, we have an entire album's worth, because choosing is hard), love is all you need.

Just barely.  Saying "I love you" to each other nowadays seems to be code for just hang on.  

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Not long after I enrolled in my second attempt at college, my father sent me an email.  It consisted of just a link to a news article about a local man - the usual inspiring thing.  The man in question had visited a university as a teenager, and at the end of the visit, he took his name tag off and stuck it underneath the bleachers.  He vowed to himself he'd return as a student and be successful, and years later, after his share of struggles, he came back to find that tag still there.

I sent a somewhat snotty response back to my father.  I had flunked out of my first college and moved back home very, very reluctantly.  I was full of hope about this second chance, but I also sensed that most people, my parents included, didn't have much faith in me any longer.  I replied, "What are you implying, Dad?  You know things are going to be different this time.  I'm not going to mess it up like I did before.  You'll see."

His response?  One line:  

"All I'm saying is, don't forget where you put your name tag.  Love, Dad."

When I got married, I found myself repeating another of my father's one liners to my husband.  Growing up with a chronic liar of a mother had made me somewhat bitter in the promises department, and gestures have always meant very little to me.  After a routine fight, I informed my partner that words meant nothing to me, and actions meant everything. 

I'm sorry.  I won't ever do that again.  I promise I will change.  Things will be different.  I don't do that kind of thing anymore.

Put your money where your mouth is, so the saying goes.  Right?  Actions speak louder than words.  And don't forget where you put your name tag, people.  

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It's not as if I was busy anyways, what with the college and the job and all.

Bring it on.

LJ Idol - Season Eight Signups
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I have started a new blog.  I had one on Wordpress, but it pissed me off, so I went with Blogger.  Because, well, Google doesn't own enough of my soul yet.

My new blog is here:  http://rainydaycraftexplosion.blogspot.com/

I am also on the Google Pluses.  I massively prefer it to Facebook.  If you would like to find me, my email address is rainydaycraftexplosion @ gmail.com.  I also have invites - click on this link to get one. 

I will still likely check the LJ every so often, because I enjoy reading what you all are up to.  But I doubt I'll update this further.  And just FYI, sites like Wordpress or Blogger allow a lot more customization and no crappy downtime issues or stupid games or spam or popover ads or any of the other shit.

I do still have a Dreamwidth account, but I'm not sure I'll use that either.  If I do, I'll crosspost.


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Natalie Portman is fucking naming her son Aleph.  THIS IS FRIGGING AMAZING.

Link HERE.

The best part is, everyone's gonna be all 'oh man, another celeb comes up with a crazy-ass name for her kid', but for those of us who know you, it's like, yeah!  Plenty of people are named Aleph!  

The closest I get to such fame is when people mispronounce my name and call me Madonna.


Jun. 18th, 2011 11:18 pm
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Pretty much everything is out of the apartment that I want to keep, with the exception of the cleaning supplies, a couple of breakable things, and about half of the kitchen.

Aleph's mom came to pick up Ravage this afternoon. First of all, OMG I love that woman. She laughs EXACTLY like Aleph - it's loud and awesome and it terrified Finn to no end. I think Finn thought she was going to eat her. Also, we laughed a little bit about Aleph and his silliness about freaking out about getting the kitty ready to go, and I think she was really tickled at how well I know Aleph.

Second of all, I already miss that stupid fucking cat. FUCKING FIGURES. I hope he doesn't throw too much of a fit before he gets to Sweden.

Finn was super upset to see Ravage go. For the first time since we started moving things, she yowled and yowled when we left tonight. Hopefully she'll be okay at Meridan's parents for a bit.

Well. Finishing up the moving tomorrow. Thank Christ. Blech.


Jun. 14th, 2011 07:02 am
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 Well, this is weird.

We're mostly moved into my father's house now.  We slept here last night - well, Meridan is still sleeping, but I had to give up on account of having really weird dreams and terrible allergy issues.  I think it's having to do with sleeping on the floor... cause guess what?  Had to throw away yet ANOTHER bed.  We tried to move it yesterday and discovered that the entire underside was moldy, wooden frame and all.  We had two futons stacked up, and the top one was fine, but the rest had to go.  I'm displeased.

That's what I get for living in swampland, I suppose.  Ugh.

Anyways.  I have to make the best of it, I guess.  Other than the bed issue, it's really nice here - it's a split level, and we have the majority of the bottom to ourselves.  I have no oven or stovetop down here, and no freezer, but other than that, it's really nice.  Far nicer than any apartment I've ever had.  I guess we'll see.

Finn has to go to my mom's, and I am insanely depressed about this.  I don't even wanna get into it, so I won't.  Suffice to say, when we get our trailer, hopefully soon, she can come back.

It's really squeaky and noisy when people move around upstairs.  Awesome.  I bet it's my dad clunking around up there.

Graduation is this Friday.  I chose not to walk, owing to the fact that I technically have 4 credits left to do in the fall and it also felt a bit silly to walk for an AA, even though I worked hard for it.  I'm glad it's pretty much done, though.  On to the BA this winter.

Loves, my dears.  I will likely be updating a lot more this summer, seeing as how I finally frigging get a break.  Only work!  What a luxury.  :)
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Again.  I am moving in with a parent AGAIN.  I don't even know.

This is the fourth time.  Granted, this time, I have a husband to join me, and the majority of a whole floor of a split-level is ours, including bedroom, living room, mini-kitchen, and bathroom, but STILL.  Seriously, people.

I'm going a little bit nuts about not being able to take Finn, either.  My friend Robert is taking both cats - why, I don't know.  He must like me, or something.  He was a groomsman at my wedding, so there you go.  But still - I just hope Finn doesn't go nuts.  I know that moving both cats will result in another fight between them, since every time Ravage gets in a new space, he immediately claims it all as his own and treats Finn as a new intruder.  They've lived together for two damn years, and he still does that.  Punk.  And it's hard to force a friend to put up with that.

On the other hand, if Finn is just taken to Robert's all alone, she might be even sadder.  My dad suggested taking her to Mom's, which I'm actually thinking about.  There is Meena, but she's an older, calmer dog, so she might not mind.  I don't know.  At least at Mom's, I could visit her frequently so she doesn't forget us or anything.

I think we'll likely take her to Mom's.  As for Meena, we'll see how things go.

I have both my finals next Wednesday, and I am just hoping for passing grades.  Ugh.  I hate that feeling.

I'm currently working on my official go-to baby shower gift, this time for my cousin - star-shaped baby blanket.  Always a hit, easy to crochet mindlessly.  I really needed it after the wedding and all that stress, and I'm looking forward to working on it more after we get settled next week.

One more weekend in the apartment.  It's the first apartment Meridan and I had together all alone, and we were both getting sentimental about it yesterday.  No matter what, it'll always be our first little married home that we made together, and I'll miss it.  Still, though - I won't miss the $1000 a month on rent, utilities and other expenses.  Blech.  


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