Dec. 24th, 2011

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 Happy Holidays, my dears.  I hope everyone's doing as well as can be expected.  We're struggling on through here, same as usual.

I won't be taking classes next quarter, owing to a financial aid snafu.  Honestly, I'm not that bothered.  I just wish I could get this ONE class over with to get my degree already.  I mean, one class.  Yeesh.

Freelancing is going well.  It's nice to get paid, even if it is just a leetle bit.  

Family is, well, family.

I've started journaling privately.  It really helps, not having to self-edit or anything.  It's not as if I'm struggling constantly not to talk about certain people or things, but I know full well that everyone has mood swings and opinions do change.  With that, I'm not feeling as if I want to constantly talk about my ups and downs where people can see them.  It's just easier keeping it private.

Still figuring out the Blogger vs. Tumblr thing.  I like both for different reasons.

I recently got my Sony e-reader back into shape.  It's one of the earlier generations and has VERY few features, but it does the trick.  It was having an issue with updating and whatnot, but I found an alternative operating system to install, and it works much better now.  My dad has said he's going to get me one of the new Sony ones very soon, and I really do need an upgrade.  In the meantime, though, I'm content with this one.  Meridan got me a pair of fancy book lights for Christmas, and now I'm all set.  The best part?

I have FILLED the thing with steamy historical romances.  I HAVE NO SHAME.  Like, seriously.  I'm pretty picky, but some of these things aren't half bad.  I also really like being able to read a book or two every night.  I realized I needed to read some of these when I was getting mad at my other books for not having enough romance nonsense in them.  When you're digging for scraps... it's time to go to the source, yo.

Don't judge me.

Loves to you all.


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