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Who doesn't love lists?  For serious.

- My mom broke her foot.  She can't put any weight on it for at least 4 weeks.  I'm entirely sure I will kill her out of frustration before that, though, so that's all good.  It's pretty fucking clear at this point where I got my stubbornness and pigheaded independent streak from.  Yeah.

- Meridan and I are STILL playing a lot of WoW.  It has been well worth the subscription so far, and I plan on continuing to pay for it, at least until January.  They just introduced some option where you can make a piece of armor or a weapon take on the physical characteristics of another item, meaning that I can finally put pretty robes back on my shaman physically while getting to keep all my sweet mail stats.  It pretty much solves the only problem I had with the game.

- Since I quit my job, I've been pondering the whole money thing.  We're going to be fine what with financial aid, at least for the rest of the year.  However, I really wanted to come up with something to do with my time.  I thought about getting back into the whole KGB/ChaCha thing, and I looked into it, but the pay had gotten even shittier since the last time I did it.  Not worth my fucking time.  After some research into freelancing, I became a contractor with oDesk, figuring I could do some data entry or transcription at home.  There are other freelancing sites out there, but the feedback about oDesk was overwhelmingly good, and I gave it a try.  So far, so good - I've actually found out that I'm pretty qualified to do most of the writing jobs - after only about a week as an active member, I got offered a SEO web content job writing blurbs for Ask.com.  The pay is actually not all that bad, either.  We'll see how it goes.

- Related to that new job offer - apparently, it usually takes people months to get that first oDesk job.  So I'm feeling pretty fucking proud of myself at the moment.  I knew brushing off those writing skills could come in handy.

- Yet another thing related to oDesk - it's pretty damn nice being a contractor instead of an employee.  I'm self-employed, I'm my own boss, and I have clients rather than employers.  I really, really love working from home - my social anxiety has gotten worse over the years and my ADHD really benefits from being able to isolate myself while I work in comfort.  

- The last thing I'll say that's oDesk related - it's really pretty sick how many people are out there looking for outsource work, willing to be paid $1.00 an hour for things I would never take less than $10 for.  It makes me sad, because there are clients who target people like that - they specifically look for contractors in East Asia and list horribly low suggested bids.  Fuck that shit.  

- My baby brother turns 17 on a week from Tuesday.  SO OLD.  I changed that little punk's diapers.  YEARS of summers sacrificed to free babysitting.  And now he's 17 and in college.  Fuck that shit.  He has to write a little blurb for his English portfolio about someone who's helped him through his life, and he picked me.  Goddamnit, I love that stupid kid.

- Meridan has all the way been accepted into his pharmacy tech program.  He will be a certified technician by the end of the summer!  Basically, this means that by the fall, he will likely have a good full time job with benefits.  Poverty Time is nearly over, and it's awfully nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

List over.
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